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Small boat anchored in a rocky inlet. Style is of vaguely asian watercolors. Generated by Midjourney.

Tides will ebb and flow / 2024-02-15

Highlights from recent news, including a few interesting new true-open models but lots of negative signs from other quarters of the open/AI culture wars.
7 min read
A graffiti-style mural of a fish with a cat’s head, djing at a turntable. in 2024

Responsible licensing and non-consensual pornography; new open-ish Pile coming; and how will evolve in 2024.
5 min read
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Deck the halls / 2023-12-06

Many small notes, plus three long-simmering micro-essays—two on OpenAI and Facebook, and one on how the switch from public licenses to 1:1 contracts might impact open.
9 min read
A man sick in bed, like me. Via midjourney

Blergh (viral and regulatory) / 2023-10-29

Lots of links on the state of regulation, the recent transparency report, and more.
5 min read
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Ghosts in the machine / 2023-10-19

So much news, so little time.
7 min read
A bearded man in a suit, holding a scepter, in front of a town. After the style of the engraved frontispiecHobbes’ Leviathan.

Is this thing on? / 2023-08-20

Catching up on power, Facebook, and a range of miscellany.
9 min read
1800s shopkeeper, seen from behind, looking at their store with shelves full of goods

Taking stock of open(ish) machine learning / 2023-06-15

I’ve been writing this newsletter for about six months, so I thought it might be a good time to pause the news firehose, and instead review and synthesize what I’ve learned about the potential for open(ish?) machine learning. That took a while — so thanks for your patience, and welcome back!
15 min read
A man wearing a suit and hat, speaking into an old-fashioned microphone, taken from behind. Black and white.

Maps and Legends / 2023-05-02

Micro-essays on the commons and model copyrightability; new open(ish) tools; and a lot more.
6 min read
Sailboats in front of a church, with trees and birds, in the style of a pencil sketch.

Live from Sweden / 2023-04-19

Upcoming public panel moderation; shifting power via foundation models (open or not); public ability to understand via great WaPo visualization; modularity; and more.
5 min read
A robot carrying a broom, sweeping away lawyers and books of law. 1800s-magazine style.

thought experiments / 2023-03-30

A busy week: copyrightability, throwbacks to late-90s monopoly concerns, who is a coder anyway, permission culture revisited, artistic typography, and so much more.
8 min read